Board Profile

Laura Bedard

PhD, CJM, Chief of Corrections Seminole County Sheriff's Office Sanford, Florida

Hello, my name is Laura Bedard. I am Chief of Corrections at the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office in Sanford, Florida. And I have dedicated my professional life to improving the field of corrections.

I decided to enter the field of corrections and make it my career because...

I first entered the field of corrections by accident. I was teaching literacy and was assigned to volunteer at a county jail. I loved it!

My favorite way to relax is...

I enjoy walking outdoors, gardening, reading, and shopping.

One item from my personal "bucket list" is to...

I just finished my bucket list item of publishing a book. My book is titled What Do I Wear to the Execution?

I am most proud of...

my children, who chose excellent partners.

My motto is...

“Inspect what you expect,” which is also my advice to those coming into this profession.

The most unusual job I’ve ever had was...

Warden of a facility that held criminal aliens who were awaiting deportation. I didn’t speak the language, so it made things a bit more challenging.

I felt it was important to be a member of AJA and serve on the board and commission...

I could help advance corrections at the national level. I don’t always have the answers, but I am confident that collectively we do.

The hardest thing I've ever done is...

to handle a staff suicide. It was tragic for all and took a lot of teamwork for us to manage it as a facility.

Three people living or deceased I'd invite to dinner are...

If I could invite someone to dinner, I’d start with Diana Ross—I’ve always loved her. I’d also ask my deceased grandmother, just to spend more time with her, and perhaps John Kennedy since he left us before he hit his potential.

My favorite meal is...

steak and asparagus.

You would be surprised to learn that...

I’ve traveled to more than 52 countries.

AJA Board of Directors

President-Elect Darren Sieger, MS, CJM Director Broward Sheriff’s Office Department of Detention Fort Lauderdale, Florida

President-Elect Louis A. Quiñones Jr., MS, CJM, CCE, CPM Chief of Corrections Orange County Corrections Department Orlando, Florida

1st Vice President Shawn C. Laughlin, MCJ, CJM Commander Broomfield Police Detention & Training Center Support Services Division Broomfield, Colorado

2nd Vice President Robert Leslie Hood, CJM Lieutenant Shelby County Sheriff’s Office Columbiana, Alabama

3rd Vice President Anthony Yeber, MPA, MSCJ, CJM Captain/Facility Supervisor Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department Miami, Florida

Secretary Sam Davis, MA, CJM Major/Jail Administrator (Retired) Ingham County Sheriff’s Office Adjunct Staff, School of Criminal Justice Michigan State University East Lansing, Michigan

Treasurer Eddie K. Lance, CJM Jail Administrator (Retired) Transylvania County Sheriff’s Office Internal Sales Specialist Southern Software Southern Pines, North Carolina

Immediate Past President Mandy Lambert, CJM Major/Director of Support Services (Retired) Prince William-Manassas Regional Adult Detention Center Manassas, Virginia

1–Year Term

Denise Diamond Captain Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office Portland, Oregon

Mark Foxall, PhD, CJM Community Service Associate University of Nebraska Omaha School of Criminology and Criminal Justice Omaha, Nebraska

Diana Knapp, MS, CCE Director Jackson County Department of Corrections Kansas City, Missouri

Melissa McClellan, CJM Captain Jail Administrator–Corrective Services Division Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Pontiac, Michigan

2–Year Term

Stefanie Bush, CJM Assistant Jail Administrator Scott County Sheriff’s Office- Jail Division Davenport, Iowa Stefanie.Bush@

Kevin Jones, CJM, NCCE, CCE, CJE Major/Detention & Court Services Bureau Commander Charles B. Webster Detention Center Richmond County Sheriff’s Office Augusta, Georgia

Shaun Klucznik, CJM, CCE Major/Jail Administrator Judicial Services Bureau Commander Hernando County Sheriff’s Office Brooksville, Florida

Lisa Peck, CJM Lieutenant, Detention Division Mesa County Sheriff’s Office Grand Junction, Colorado

3-Year Term

Laura Bedard, PhD, CJM Chief of Corrections Seminole County Sheriff’s Office Sanford, Florida

Sonya Gillespie Chief, Employee Relations Denver Sheriff Administration Denver, Colorado

Elsie Judon, MS Major, Assistant Director of South Operations Broward Sheriff's Office Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Henry Reyes, MAM, MPA, CJM, CCE, NCEE Chief Deputy/Assistant Jail Administrator Tarrant County Sheriff's Office Fort Worth, Texas

Parliamentarian Wayne Dicky, CJM, CCE Sheriff Brazos County Office of Sheriff Bryan, Texas

Sergeant-at-Arms Jeffrey M. Begue, CJO Sergeant Stark County Sheriff’s Office Canton, Ohio

Chaplain Linda Ahrens, MBA Volunteer Chaplain for Staff Chicago, Illinois

Executive Director Chris D. Daniels, MPA, CAE American Jail Association Hagerstown, Maryland